Mid to Lower Back Pain and Lower Abdominal Pains with Lower Rib Pains

Patient: Hello,I am an 18 year old male who has been told by my GP that I have IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome). I would just like to clarify that it is nothing more sinister or severe. Generally I get lower abdominal pains straight away after eating no matter what time of day. The pain is constant and has lasted for several days at a time. I sometimes get lower back pain around my kidney areas, sometimes I get back pain under my shoulders and pain in my ribs. Sometimes the pain can come on quickly and be sharp and go very quickly or it can stay for longer periods of time. I have had diahrrea with these symptoms but I have taken Immodium yesturday and the last two times I have been to the toilet I have failed to excrete anything from my body, I am having constipation now. My stool is generally of a squishy type sometimes solid, and my stool is generally of a light brown or dark brown colour. I also have what looks to be little specks of mucus also in my stools, does this indicate IBS and if not what else could it be, and should I go back to my GP or take a visit to the hospital for tests?Thank you


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Guest: same problem with me bro…………..the pain in on and off for last ten days ………..