Middle ear infection has lasted 2 weeks

Patient: Middle ear infection has lasted 2 weeks been on two lots of antibiotics and chemist ear drops no help what should I do?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history.Persistence of the middle ear infection has major reas ons:1. Infection in the sinuses, nose or throat.2. Infection of the mastoid air cells.3. Ineffective antibiotics meaning not responding to these particular ones you have been given and supportive medicines.Since this is already 2 weeks, I would advise you the following:- Pus to be sent for gram staining, culture and sensitivity.- Second opinion, preferably of an ENT Surgeon as He is the only one to who can do a clinical evaluation, Endoscopy of the ENT and suggest a proper change in the medicines including the ones for symptomatic relief.- Reports of the culture after few days will help.- In addition to the above few things by you would help you more.Do not blow the nose.Nasal decongestant drops.Warm foods and liquids only.If you still do not get results within 1 more weeks, better to go for CT scan of the Mastoids to know the status as some cases may need mastoidectomy on failure of the medications.I hope this answer helps you.