Migraine and self harm

Patient: I have a history of cutting when I’m under high levels of stress or I start getting depressed. About 2 years ago I started getting migraines. One night I had a migraine and the medication wasn’t helping at all, I was feeling absolutely miserable and my stress levels were already reaching their upper limits. This resulted in me cutting. I noticed after a few minutes, my migraine disappeared. Is there a physiological reason for this, or was it just some strange coincidence?

Symptoms: Migraine, self-harm

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.Our body has a gating mechanism. When you have 2 injuries, the bod y will only feel the pain that is more. Thus a gate is formed and the more painful is sent through while the less painful one will not go through.However, cutting is very bad and you should not use it. You should talk to a Psychiatrist who will help you to stop cutting and achieve a stable mental state.Take care and have a good day.