Migraine headache probably

Patient: HiI have pain in my head which is not constant at on place,sometime on left side starting above the eye and sometime on right side starting above the eye,I have burnig sensation and pain at one point on top of my head, which moves and is not contstant at one place.When i have pain even the light causes stress and i want to close that eye(the side which is paining).There is no pain when i wake up in the morning.It starts after few hours of working on the computer,aspirin helps.No vomiting or nausea,no numbness or buring sensation anywhere.It has been around for 5-6 days now.When it is paining,my eyes feel stressed when i try concentrating on the things which are at closer distance,it is okay for far away things.I also have sinus.I think it is migraine?what do you think,Pls help.