Migraines/Seizures relief what to do

Patient: Good evening. i have suffer with migraines since i can remember. Oct 3 I had a seizure(first one that I am aware of, and found out that i have had more then just that one) so they put me on seizure meds. They first put me on depokate ( i had bad side affects) and then now they are weening me off of it and putting me lamotrigine. When I was discharge they said any signs of a headache or migraine I should go in. I called into my 24/7 on call and they just told me to take a full 500mg of my depokate, I can take anymore Ibprofen because i have already taken what I can.the pressure in my head in on the top and goes all the was to the back and it is starting to make my eyes hurt and forhead just throb. I am so unsure what to do

Symptoms: Migraine, dizzy, shaky, unbalance

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We insist that you should follow the discharge instructions that your physician gave you an d return to the emergency room for evaluation. These headaches you are experiencing may be due to side effects of your medication or may be a preliminary symptom that you may have another seizure episode. Please go back to your doctor for further evaluation.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com