Mild Diarrhea and Birth control

Patient: Mild diarrhea from food poisoning for 4 days. Taking lo loestrin fe and have been lightly spotting for those 4 days, how should i continue my pills?

Symptoms: Mild diarrhea, birth control

Doctor: Thank you for your query.You have not mentioned on which day of the menstrual cycle you are on to analyse your problem . The last four pills have a small amount of iron in them & do not have the active ingredients to prevent the pregnancy. They have been just included to make it a habit of not missing the pills. Sometimes for some women taking iron supplements may cause mild diarrhea & also spotting. This is if you are taking these pills for the first time & you are on the last pills. Otherwise it is suggested for you to wait for a day or two to see if the symptoms subside or not while continuing the pill, if they don’t subside on its own it is better to consult your doctor for medical aid.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.