Mini Stroke and Blood clotting in Brain

Patient: I would like to know more about the treatment that my doctors had given to my mother. Two months ago my mother suddenly does not speak unless people repeatedly ask her something, and even that she only respond “yes” or “no”. She had no difficulty on her limbs. We went for a check at local hospital (brain scan and blood test) and found that a small part of her left brain has blood clot – indicating rupture of blood vessel. While blood test shows high level of bad cholesterol, blood sugar (around 14 mmol per L), hypothyroidism (high TSH and normal T4) and high blood pressure. The treatment by the doctor is just medications to control cholesterol level, blood pressure etc. After about two months now I feel my mother certainly is better in conversations, but she still does not talk as much as before. She still has some difficulty in remembering certain things, unable to respond quickly, and still very seldom actively initiating conversations. I wonder if my mother’s condition is irreversible? Are the medications not effective? and, is medication the only treatment she needs? Does she need brain surgery too? How does the blood clot in her brain go away if no surgery is going to be performed? I really need answers to know what I can do for my mother. Please help.

Doctor: Recovery after stroke usually depends on the amount of reversible or irreversible damage that has occurred during the ep isode. Seeking treatment as early as possible, would certainly help reduce brain damage. Management of stroke is based on the site and amount of bleeding, and is usually managed medically in cases of minor, non severe bleeding, by treating the cause of bleeding. Surgical removal of hematoma is usually required if its large enough to produce pressure on surrounding brain structures or if the bleeding is still active and needs immediate intervention. Blood thinners such aspirin may be prescribed to reduce blood clotting.Thus, how much recovery is to be expected in your mother’s case, would be best explained by her doctor. Hope this helps.