Minimizing the effects of the depo shot

Patient: Hi I am a habitual weed smoker. It honestly makes me feel way better with stomach pains, headaches, etc. and makes me feel more comfortable than taking medications or pills like advil and those over the counter medicines. My doctor recently put me on the depo because I had prolonged menstrual cycles. Ive been on the depo for about a week and I absolutely hate it. I am always tired and experiencing different side affects that I really want to smoke weed but I haven’t because its advised not too. I am planning on not going back for another depo after these 12 weeks but is it okay if I smoke weed to get rid of these side effects or will it cause serious side effects since im on the depo shot? Or is there anyway to counteract the depo shot so I could get rid of these feelings?

Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, horrible headaches, dizziness, different pains in my arms, legs, back, neck, nausea,

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms like Extreme fatigue, horrible headaches, dizziness, different pains in m y arms, legs, back, neck, nausea that you are experiencing are typical progesterone effects secondary to rising levels of the hormone in body following depot injection. These can be allayed by simple measures by improving your hydration and electrolyte status by drinking plenty of water about 4-5 litres in a day. Smoking weed would cause a decrease in the effect of progesterone and you would loose the contraceptive benefit of the same and chances of unwanted pregnancy may increase and also frequent intermenstrual bleed due to decreased progesterone levels off and on can trouble you. So under any circumstances weed should be avoided, intact with any form of hormonal contraception, weed smoking is contraindicated.Hope this helps.Regards