Minor vaginal itching

Patient: So, several days ago I had rough sex(we used a condom). There were small amounts of blood afterwards. For two days after I was really sore and a day after that about a 1/2 inch inside my vagina was rather itchy. There was also mild odor. It goes away and comes back the next couple of days but it’s almost hardly noticeable.It doesn’t hurt when I pee and there are no bumps or changes in my skin.He told me he was tested and clean.Is it just the healing of the small tears or something else I should be worried about?

Symptoms: Vaginal itching, soreness

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIt is possible that due to rough sex you may have contracted vaginal abrasions which have been the reason for soreness for the next two days. However if the partner is clean then chances of developing vaginal candidiasis is also remote which is often accompanied by vaginal itching but thick curdy whiite discharge and fruity smell. As the itching in your case is not continuous , it is likely that healing vaginal abrasions tend to produce that momentary itch as well.If the itch remains persistent then you may seek medical attention for a per speculum exam and a vaginal smear for culture which can rule out any infection if present and treatment can be sought accordingly.I hope i have answered your query ,wishing you good health,regards