Mirena Migration and Delayed CT scan/surgery

Patient: I had the Mirena inserted in May 2012. I have had sharp pains on and off since then. I’ve seen three doctors about the pain but they were not concerned (military providers). On 1/13/2015 I had a pelvic exam.. I had started having a period every two weeks from 11/19/15. IUD strings not found, sent for a same day pregnancy test (negative) and X-ray that showed the Mirena in my right abdomen. The earliest I could schedule a CT scan is 2/3/15, then I will likely have to wait 1 more month for surgery. I am worried about internal damage and not getting it out for 1.5-2 more months. I asked if I could have an earlier CT or schedule one with a provider outside of the military, but my doc said to wait unless I feel more pain or develop a fever or digestive issues. Should I wait?

Symptoms: Sharp, intermittent pains in lower abdomen and pelvic regions

Doctor: Hello,if there has been a uterine rupture and the MIRENA has migrated to your abdomen , then yes there are chances t hat it may cause injuries to the intestines and may form adhesions leading to intestinal obstructive symptoms. It is advised that a CT scan should be scheduled soon and a laparoscopic removal of MIRENA should be planned soon. If the military don’t offer help then you should help of private facilities and the physicians.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards