Miscarriage After a Having a Past Abortion

Patient: My question is i had a surgical abortion over a year ago and recently ive just miscarried at 5 weeks have i had a miscarriage because of the abortion? and will i be able to have normal pregnancies again or will i keep on having miscarriages? im really worried and scared and would like some advice please! thank you

Doctor: There is no significant evidence available to relate surgical abortion with subsequent miscarriages, at least a single s urgical abortion would definitely not cause miscarriages. You should avoid worrying and certainly not stress out thinking about this miscarriage because your emotional status can impact future conception. There may be several other factors like the status of your uterus, hormone levels, the status of the cervix during pregnancy, any genetic defect in the embryo etc. that would affect the retention of a pregnancy. You can consult your gynecologist for examination and further evaluation.