Miscarriage and questions about it

Patient: I recently miscarried my daughter at 16 weeks. There was no genetic abnormalities with her so the only reason I can think of for her death is either my stress or fibroid caused her to die. The weekend she died I got in an argument over a very serious issue (not just normal everyday stress or issue) and hyperventilated because of it. She wound up passing away that weekend. Her heart just stopped. I had horrible dreams the night before they figure she died. I dreamed someone was holding me down and taking her and I also had a dream I was soaked in a pool of blood. I can’t help but feel my stress caused her to die. The only other possible explanation I can come up with is that I have a huge 14cm (6″) fibroid and a smaller 2cm fibroid. Could the stress and my hyperventilating have caused her to die? Please answer honestly. Or could the fibroids have caused it? There was nothing in blood work, etc to show a reason. I had no prior warning. I was not bleeding or cramping, I did not leak any fluid, Cervix was still long and closed, all previous ultrasounds ( I had one at 8 wk, 10 wk, 12 wk) showed baby growing normally and with good heartbeat. They never said anything was abnormal. I did have brown spotting at week 12 but they found out it was a very bad yeast infection. That was the only thing that was ever wrong and it cleared up with the cream they gave me. I just really need some kind of closure or answer to what might or might not have been a cause. When the baby was born she was very blood red and the placenta according to the nurse was very pale and she said looked friable to her whatever that meant but when I asked the Dr about it he said that could be from after the miscarriage if it has been a while. I gave birth to her only two days after she died. I know she was alive then because I had heard her heartbeat. I have had hardly any bleeding at all since delivering. The baby was not in any sac when she was delivered and the placenta basically just fell out on its own with no effort less than a minute after she was born.