Miscarriage? – bleeding between periods.

Patient: I had my period a few weeks ago because im on the pill but then the middle of last week i suffered from heavy bleeding and severe cramps, and then today and yesterday i had light spotting.. i dont really know this means, could i or could i have been pregnant? i know i should go to a doctor or walk in centre but i find it very difficult to talk to anyone about these problems.

Doctor: I do understand your concern for bleeding in between periods.  There are many causes of metrorrhagia ( irregular bleedin ng in between periods), some of them are pregnancy related bleed or abortion, PCOS, STI’s or vaginitis, thyroid issues or irregular time frame pf taking your pills and not being consistent with the schedule. I would advice you to take a home pregnancy test immediately and also consult your GP for a follow up in case in it positive, or the bleeding/spotting continues.