Miscarriage concerns.

Patient: Just wondering a few things actually.Sunday the 8th of February I went to hospital and was told that I was mis carrying my baby of 8 weeks and 2 days. I have not had the meds or operation, and chose to let my body do it’s work.Monday morning I was in total agony while passing fair sized clots, which continued up until Wednesday when I passed what I think was the sac with Bub in it. After that the pain has subsided to the point where if I move around too much I get period like pains with the occasional smaller clot.It is now Friday and was wondering if what I have described normal and is it possible to tell when I will stop bleeding and if it was at all possible to figure out the conception date based on the hospitals ultrasound?Thank you in advance for any help/advice you could give.

Symptoms: Confirmed miscarriage, cramps, bleeding, and question on conception date.

Doctor: Hello, Thanks for the query.If you have started with your natural abortion on Monday 9th Feb and it is deemed to be completed when the sac was passed and your pains relieved. However, the bleeding per vaginum can last for as long a week after this in the form of small clots or dark brown colored bloody discharge. Secondly an ultrasound pelvis is mandatory after 10 days of abortion to check for completion or any remaining products of conception.THE DATE OF CONCEPTION WOULD BE 12TH NOVEMBER 2014 as per Naegle’s formula based on the USG.I hope I have answered your query.Wishing you good health.Regards