Miscarriage seven weeks ago, symptoms disapeard and then returned two weeks later?

Patient: Don’t want to make this too long but somehwhat of a back story.I’m 24, I had a stillbirth at 38 weeks with my son Forrest Dean when i was 21.I had a misscarriage at 12 weeks a year and a half later.My second miscarriage was at the beginning of April and I bleed a ittle over a week. A DC was not needed because they saw nothing in the uterus and my levels had droppped to zero after about a week and a half. Alll of my pregnancy symptoms disappeared shortly after that.I am considered high risk.It’s been almost seven weeks since the miscarriage, the 0 hcg level, and loss of symptoms.Whithen the past few days I’ve had extremly sore breast, fatigue, nausea, and period. I also have not had sex since right before I found out I was miscarriaging.What does this all mean? I don’t think I could be pregnant again, as the only sex I’ve had has been veryy protected, as to let myself heal.I know sometimes it takes time to get a period after a miscarriage but..Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but could I be pregnant again. I very much feel so.