Misdiagnosis of the diabetes 1

Patient: Hello! Could you please, give me your opinion about my niece’s condition? Three months ago she had flu and during the regular visit to a paediatrician it was discovered that her blood sugar was too high. Subsequently all three tests were run, and they were positive, so she was diagnosed with diabetes 1. Until that moment she has never had any of the common diabetes symptoms. She was seven and a half; she was very thin with poor appetite, but very energetic. Before that, she had inner ear infections for long time and her paediatrician prescribed her antibiotics every time, at least twice a year, which depleted her immune system. Prior to her diagnoses with diabetes 1 her finger nails changed, they became pitted and wavy, but her paediatrician said it was not a big deal. Now, it has been confirmed that it is psoriasis of the nails. She grew up, mainly, on refined sugars and carbohydrates, but no one in the wider family suffered from diabetes 1 or 2. From the moment she was diagnosed she has been taking insulin, three units in evening, and two in the morning. Her eating habits changed, and was eating healthy and more, without putting weight on. My sister also took her to a herbalist who prescribed her herbal medicines for busting her immune system thru her intestines. However, ever she has been on insulin her blood sugar was very low in the mid day, after school, as low as 48, the first month on insulin, until last week when it was as low as 28. She even had a monitor implant during that week. My sister makes sure that she eats properly and exercise every day. They live in Austria. She is still on the same amount of insulin. My question is: Could it be possible that she has been misdiagnosed?

Symptoms: Low blood sugar levels