Misrable 35 yr old female with no answers

Patient: Can you please help me figure out what could be wrong with me. Some of these symptoms have been going on for over 5 years. I hate doctors, no offense. But I have been scared to find out what could be wrong. I need to know what kind of doctor to consult and what my symptoms fit. Please help…

Symptoms: Wide spread pain especially in the low back legs and neck in both bones and muscles
Swelling hands almost daily
No normal stools-daily diarrhea Sudden
Frequent headaches
No energy majority of the time-feel like I could sleep all the time
No sex drive
Frequent fever’s-mostly low grade
Catch every virus I come in contact with
Mouth ulcers, vaginal ulcers-unexplained by GYN after various tests
Easily bruised-mom holding on to my arm walking through the house causes bruise
No appetite-generally one meal a day and I fill up very fast
Weight fluctuation
Panic attacks-or so they were diagnosed- episodic severe pain in chest lasting 3-10 minutes, increased heart rate, flush, cold sweat, feels like elephant is on my chest and I can’t breathe-not as often as they were 8 yrs ago….begin at 22 yrs old
Depression sometimes severe
Mood swings-highs and lows
Easily agitated
********Memory!!! I am unable to remember things or retain information
Hair loss-alot! Handful daily out of the floor
Overly dry skin-progressively gotten worse over the last year
Eye sight has diminished rapidly over the last year. Glasses changed 3 times in 16 mos.
When working, I now have a problem working out tasks that I would normally be able to complete quickly-recons are an example
Very restless legs when first getting into bed. Unable to relax due to pins and needles and pain as well as uncontrolled movement