August 15, 2018

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Misreading of MRI?

Patient: Is it possible that my doctor missed something on my MRI?



Symptoms: First off, the only sport I do is rollerblading. Okay, so I got an MRI about 2 weeks ago, and my results only showed slight bone marrow edema. I have been told that I have some fluid in my knee, so it makes sense. The symptoms I have, make me feel like it’s much worse than that, though. Symptoms are:
•Stabbing pain on the inside of my right knee (not near the patella, more towards the back of the knee) Most of the time it’s moderate, but sometimes it’s to the point where I’m crying and I can’t walk at all
•Knee gives out sometimes
•Knee cracks a lot more than any other joint. It usually hurts when it does
•If I stand (inability to hold my weight) or sit for too long, it hurts
•Hurts mostly when being active and walking on stairs
•Hurts sometimes to touch, but not always
I did nothing significant to hurt it. It happened suddenly, after I got up from a squatting position. Tried physical therapy before, but it did nothing (About 2 months)





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