Misscarriage due to blood related problem

Patient: Hiii..Can I get some expert doctor comments on a pregnancy related issue??Actually my wife suffered from a miss carriage some months back. She was 1 months pregnant and the heart beat rate of the foetus was not OK right from the beginning. Finally there was no heart beat detected after 7 weeks and D and C was done.Our Gynaecologist asked us to get a detailed blood check up to find the cause and accordingly the following tests were done-Thyroid Panel by ChemiluminescenceThrombocheck PanelAntithrombin Activity PlasmaCardiolipin Antibodies SerumThe result showed some abnormalities in the blood. I am attaching the blood test result for your perusal. As per my doc, daily injection will be required during next pregnancy as there is some problem in the blood.Can you explain me in detail as to what is the problem and what is the kind of medication required.