Missed 2 Pills, possibility of pregnancy?

Patient: Hi!I’ve been taking the combined pill for over 8 months now, but I recently missed a few pills.I came off my placebo pills Sunday Morning 11/01/14 (I take my pills every morning at 6am), and I took my active pills Monday and Tuesday morning as usual. I then had unprotected sexual intercourse with my boyfriend both Saturday, Sunday and Monday but he only ejaculated in me once.I then missed both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s pills by accident. The minute I remembered I took them (Thursday evening) and this morning (Friday) proceeded to take Friday’s and Saturday’s pill as stated on the packet (take the 2 missed pills and 2 pills the next day aswell) but I’m still worried that I could get pregnant as the packet states that “if you have had sexual intercourse within the week of the missed pills it is possible to get pregnant” is this true? Many other websites I have looked at say that after taking the extra pills they were fine, so do I need to take Emergency Contraception?

Symptoms: Some spotting/withdrawal blood

Doctor: Hello,If you have missed more than one pill during the cycle then the chances are that ovulation may occur and you mi ght get pregnant. Ideally if you missed 1 then take 2 pills on next day, if you missed 2 pills then take 3 pills third day but, the efficacy is doubt full and protection is not guaranteed.So it is advisable that you may discard the pill pack and opt for emergency contraception within 72 hrs of intercourse and practice barrier contraception till menses resume.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards