Missed a Birth Control Pill. What Should I do?

Patient: I am taking the ortho-mcneil birth control pill, and it is my first month. I started taking it 6 days after my last period, so I should have been protected within the first week. However, I missed the 7th white pill because it went down the drain, so I NEVER TOOK IT and just took the next pill the next day. I am now on pill 13 (a blue pill). AM I STILL PROTECTED?

Doctor: The answer is dependant on the type of birth control you are on.However, in this case, you missed a full dose and went without taking any pills for 24 hours.You should assume you are unprotected for the remainder of the pack and should use a back up method of birth control until your next cycle arrives.  So to answer your question,  you are not protected from pregancy.