Missed antibiotics for several days, what happens?

Patient: I’m a 16 year old girl and I’ve started taking Minocycline once a day a month ago for my acne.However, I’ve missed taking my antibiotics several times. Most of the time, I just missed it for one day and took the usual dose the next day, however at one time I missed my dose for two days straight.For example, I’ve forgot to take my antibiotics on the 1st and 2nd, then on the 4th, then on the 6th, then on the 8th……What will happen? Will the antibiotics become useless? Will my acne return and worsen (and become more resistant to treatment)? I can only find information on what to do in my case but I’d like to know as well what happens when I missed my antibiotics doses several times (and two days in a row). I still have 2 more months of doses to go.