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Missed Birth Control Pill: What to do?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi i need help... I missed my birthcontrol wednesday night but took it with my thursday night pill a few hours ago..i had unprotected sex wednesday...would i be fine or should i get plan B?


If what you meant was you took 2 pills on Thursday (Wednesday and Thursday pill) it is still okay however it does not mean you are 100% protected from pregnancy. If you took the Wednesday pill on Thursday (missed 1 pill), then there will be a higher chance of getting pregnant. It is up to you if you want to take Plan B; bear in mind though that Plan B is effective within 72 hours from unprotected intercourse, it is most effective when used within 24 hours. I would still suggest though you finish the pack you are on and wait for your period. If it comes regularly (usual duration and usual amount), then pregnancy is unlikely and you may take the next pack within 5 days (Day 1 to day 5) after your period appears. If you miss your period, try to remember the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) then count 5-6 weeks from there. If you have not had your period on the 5th to 6th week after the LMP, then it will be high time to do a home pregnancy test. It is best to do this in the morning (first morning urine upon waking up) because the urine has the highest concentration of detectable hormones during this time. Please remember to use the birth control pill perfectly (taking the pill at the same time each day) because by doing so, it will be ~99% effective in preventing pregnancy. I do hope this helps. Take care always.

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