Missed/ incorrectly took many birth control pills

Patient: I am a 23 year old student in a very demanding graduate school. In mid December I had finals, and I was so busy in the two weeks prior and the weeks during finals that I hate to confess – I missed many of my birth control pills. Sometimes when I remembered it was two days later, and I would only take one. Then I would miss another 2 or 3 days and take another. All in all, one pack of birth control lasted me probably over a month and a half- I never thought to get a new pack and stop my old one. During the month and a half, I had bleeding twice, once was heavy. After the second bleeding stopped, I still didn’t take it regularly, missing days and when I remembered only taking one pill. I just got a new pack a few days ago, however during the month and a half that I didn’t take them correctly, I did have unprotected sex a good amount – the last time about a week and a half ago.In the last week and a half or so I have had the following symptoms:-Strange cervical mucous (gel like, stretchy) that I thought was from possible ovulation from the pills not being taken for so long, but it only lasted a day.- Nausea-Dizziness/lightheaded-very mild cramping on the left side only (thought it was my period, but at this point, god only knows when that’s coming- it hasn’t yet)-Fatigue even though I take prescription medication to give me energy-Achy body – just generally feeling flu like symptoms but nothing has come of it-Body is very hot to the touch – felt as if I had fever-I urinate frequently (without drinking anything) on some days and not others-I am beyond – and I mean beyond- moody.I have no idea when my last legitimate period was since I had bleeding from not taking my pills correctly, so I have no idea when to take a test because I have no idea if I’m technically “late.” I’ve read that I could have ovulated if I missed more than several pills and didn’t finish the pack correctly. I attributed the cervical mucous to ovulation since my body probably doesn’t have enough of the pill hormone and it isn’t working. However, usually I get such severe menstrual cramps that it has on many occasions sent me to the hospital (hence why I’ve been on birth control for years). Cramps such as mild ones I’m feeling on my left side aren’t typical – but I attributed that to possible ovulation as well.My question is: Are symptoms such as the one’s I’m having an indication of possible pregnancy THIS early? Normally I probably wouldn’t even think twice, but the mucous changes and all of the symptoms I’m having on top of missing/incorrectly taking my pills is really worrying me. I didn’t think symptoms of pregnancy were this prevalent this early on and don’t know if making an appointment is worth the time/missed work.Thank you for any advice you can offer.