Missed multiple birth control pills.

Patient: I missed 3 pills in a row during week 2 and took 2 the day I remembered then 2 the next day to get back on schedule. I am in week 3 and realized this morning I missed last night’s and the night before. I take it at 8 p.m. but when I realized I missed this morning I took one this morning so I would not get my period. Should I start a new pack? or get my period and start a new one this sunday? I have also taken azithromycin this month so I am not sure if this has canceled out this month’s birth control?

Doctor: Missing more than two contraceptive pills might ruin your protection against unwanted pregnancies. Certainly if you had unprotected sex during those days, I would have recommended you to use Emergency contraceptive pills.Azithromycin won’t alter your contraceptive pills function but missing your doses will. I would suggest you to comply with your daily OCP and try to take them at the same time of the day. If you don’t get used to this regime, other contraceptive methods such as monthly injections might be of your interest. If your menses don’t show at the end of the month, you might want to consider having a pregnancy test.