Missed my birth control but I took it the next day . What are the chances of me being pregnant?

Patient: I’ve been on birth control for awhile now but i forgot to take it the other day, I took it the next day along with that pill for the day and then the next day i took it like normal but the day after that i forgot again(process repeated) I took my last one before the placebo pills yesterday and had sex this morning, I’ll start my period in the next few days but what are the chances i’m pregnant? And if i get my period does that rule out I’m pregnant?

Symptoms: no symptoms

Doctor: You should have a fixed time daily to take your pills say just after breakfast or after dinner. You may take two pills t he next day if you do forget to take your pills on one day. But if you forget it more than once in the cycle then discontinue the pills for that cycle and restart a fresh batch of pills after your next periods. In the meanwhile you are advised to use another method (condoms).It is unlikely you are pregnant and if you get your normal periods now it practically rules out pregnancy.