Missed my periods. Back pain, hair loss, neck-knee pain.

Patient: Hi Doc,I am having strange health problems lately.I am just 25 and this is my first encounter with these various health issues.I haven’t got my periods for 25 days now. My back pain is going from bad to worse each day. I have neck pain. My knees ache. I feel very cold and have to wear layers of warm clothes. I am having terrible mood swings and often feel upset or depressed. I am also experiencing heavy hair loss. My skin has gone dry.Please suggest tests I might require to get done.Is this normal? Do I have a serious health issue?Waiting for your response. Thank you so much.

Symptoms: Back pain, neck pain, knee ache, mood swings, depression, hair loss, dry skin, missed periods.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Irregularities in menstrual cycles can occur due to many caus es like lifestyle modifications, weight changes, polycystic ovary disease, gonadal hormonal imbalance, thyroid hormonal imbalance, prolactin level changes etc.Thyroid hormonal abnormalities can also lead to cold intolerance, body pains, dry skin etc.As your symptoms are disturbing you, better to consult your doctor, get examined and go for investigations like ultrasound, gonadal hormonal profile, thyroid hormonal profile, prolactin levels, hemoglobin, blood sugar levels estimation, serum calcium, vitamin D levels etc.With this workup the possible cause of your problem can be identified and treated.Take care.