Missed one contraceptive pill? Any risk of pregnancy?

Patient: Dear Doctors,This’s my first time taking Microgynon 30. I started taking on day 6 of my period (2 Feb), however, I forgot to take the pill on 5 Feb. At that time, I didn’t know that I have to take one more pill as soon as possible I found out I missed one pill. I took the pills again on 6 Feb onwards without missing any day.On 13 Feb morning, I had sex with my boyfriend without any additional contraceptive measures such as condoms, just wondering if there’s any risks of pregnancy??(Is that true “if I start taking this pill at any other time in your cycle, I will be protected from pregnancy only after the first seven days of pill taking.”?)Since I missed a pill on 5 Feb, so what should I do now? Should I continue taking the pills till 22 Feb (assuming day 1 of pill taking is 2 Feb) OR should I continue taking the pills till 26 Feb (assuming day 1 of the pill taking is 6 Feb)?Which is safer and better for me, given that the precondition is to protect myself from pregnancy?Thank you so much!

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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The period between the missed pill 5th Feb and day of intercourse, 13th Feb, 7 days o f pill intake have been completed , but as you had started late in cycle from 2nd Feb, there are chances that ovulation may have occurred.Hence, it is best that you should get a serum beta HCG test done to rule out pregnancy after 7 days of intercourse. If the test is negative then you can continue the pack till 22nd Feb and then wait for withdrawal bleeding.Hope this helps.Regards