Missed period after paragard

Patient: Hi, my name is Bree. I had my paragard removed a little over three weeks ago due to too many bad side effects . I shouldve had my period a few days go. my cycle i usually very regular and comes every 24 days so its always early.i have no spotting or anything but my breast are very sore and i got some wierd cramps the other day that went away. Is this normal ? im so worried. thank you

Doctor: Paragard is a copper Intrauterine contraceptive device. It is hormone-free, so it should not alter a women’s natural men strual cycle. Although most women do not experience any trouble after removal of paragard, some may experience a heavier than normal bleeding during the first week after removal. Also you may become pregnant as soon as the device is removed. I would suggest that you do a pregnant test to rule out if your symptoms are due to pregnancy.