Missed period after sex

Patient: So 2 days ago (last Sunday) I had sex with a girl and I didn’t use a condom. She was suppose to have her period Last Sunday (the same day we had sex) and she didn’t get it. I gave her the “morning after pill” about 1 hour ago. It was approximately 36 hours ago that we had sex. She told me she has yet have her period and she’s usually not late. Is she pregnant? Also she had sex with someone else like 3 weeks ago and they used a condom.

Doctor: You informed that you had unprotected sex on the day of periods of your girl friend. Since it was day on which your girl friend expected to have periods, it ifs usually considered to be safe period and chances of pregnancy is rare and moreover you used emergency contraceptive, she might be pregnant. But since she did not had periods, it is always better to have a pregnancy test done and consultation with a gynecologist.

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Guest: Late period means she’s been pregnant about two weeks so it wouldn’t be yours .

Guest: who do i talk to to see if i can have kids