Missed period but dry sex only, am I pregnant?

Patient: I haven’t received my period yet (it has now been around 60 days or so since my last one) but about a month ago I was with my boyfriend and ended up having dry naked sex for the first time for a few days (as it is long distance, but we don’t want to lose our virginities), but we did have a condom on the whole time.He never ejaculated with the condom but when he did it was on my hand or my stomach. I don’t ever recall it being anywhere near my vagina but I read about the possibility if you put fingers with sperm (even though it was wiped) near your vagina it might get you pregnant. It never went in my vagina, just near it. And this is a very slight maybe because I did wipe always my hands + stomach, and eventually washed my hands.Is it possible that I’m pregnant or is this simply a coincidence that I skipped my period? I am not regular in cycles but I never skipped a period before, only had it late. It never went past a 48 day gap between periods. It’s been around 5 years since I first got my period.I’m really scared that I might be pregnant so I did a homemade pregnancy test by urinating on sugar and it dissolved, but I used urine that was later in the night and not first thing in the morning.Would you be able to clarify the possibility of pregnancy from this? No penetration, condom on while grinding in case of pre-cum (even then he always urinated before anything), ejaculation nowhere near my vagina except the stomach, hand, and mouth, wiped my hands after but possibility of it being near (not in) my vagina, not a regular cycle woman, but 60 days since my last one.I appreciate everything and I hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you so much.

Symptoms: I have no symptoms of my nipples darkening or morning sickness. My discharges seem to be a bit dry, not frequent at all. Almost as if I had my period and the cycle rest. I feel completely normal but sometimes do get cramps, which I assume it must mean I’m getting my period but I end up not.