Missed period. on birth control. used back up protection

Patient: I am on the birth control pill gildess FE and have been for about 5 years. At the beginning of this pack I missed a few pills and was spotting. I did have sex in the middle of the pack but only once and with a condom. Now, I did not get my period this month. Is it likely that I am pregnant?

Symptoms: I did have my usual pms symptoms but no menstrual bleeding.

Doctor: Hello,if you have missed your initial pills of the pack from the start of the period and started the pack late , and during midcycle had protected sex , still the chances of pregnancy are less as the pills generally take a week to effect ovulation. But there is always a thin line between the days. If you have ovulated in this cycle then the pack has failed and the chances of pregnancy exists.It is advisable that you may perform a serum beta hcg test to look for raised levels to confirm pregnancy and if negative or low levels then you are safe and the symptoms you are experiencing are likely to be PMS and your periods should resume in few days.I hope ii have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards