Mensuline Forte after taking Unwanted kit (mankind)

Patient: I had unprotect sex with my girlfriend on 10 Dec. Her last period date was 29 Nov. I gave her Unwanted (Mankind) 72 just 1 hour after we had sex. She had no period on 29 I was so scared, she took a pregnancy test and don’t know but the result came like positive. A medical shopkeeper gave m mensuline forte, I gave her one capsule on 1 Jan. with hot milk and one on 2 Jan. in morning. She is having no periods. We are so scared, please help…

Doctor: Mensuline forte is a non-prescription supplement that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither its claims or safety has been tested and we are not certain if your partner may be experiencing an adverse reaction to this supplement. Furthermore, you expressed that your partner had a positive pregnancy test, which leads us to believe that she may have become pregnant. We recommend that your girlfriend go to her doctor to be examined and have a pregnancy test performed in order to confirm if she has become pregnant.