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MISSED PILL: Should I skip my period this month?

Patient: I missed a birth control pill last Monday. I had sex within 24 hours before I realized I had forgotten and took two at once. I decided I should maybe take the plan B pill just to be safe, and the pharmacist I spoke to looked it up in her database and said it would probably be overkill to take Plan B considering where I was in my cycle (it was the beginning of the final week before my period) and that I had already taken two at once. She said I should skip my period this month by immediately starting a new pack after my current one. I would just like to make sure this is the right thing to do. Thanks!



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIt was right on your part to take two pills the next day when you had forgotten the pill on monday. Your protection continued. However you took Plan -B, that was indeed a over kill. As you mentioned that you are in the final week of your cycle , so your periods should start within 5 days from taking the plan-b.Considering that you are on apri-21 which is a 21 day pill, you must have ended with your pack, but as you have taken plan-b , you would stand protected for the whole week and there is in fact no requirement of starting a new pack immediately which would unnecessarily cause abnormality in the cycles by probably reducing the flow or may be stopping it completely.So , it is better to menstruate which you would in these next 7 days due to double effect of plan -b and the oc -pill withdrawal. It is likely that the bleeding may be heavier this time. secondly menstruation is a confirmation that you have not conceived , hence missing a period would just add to your doubts and stress. Hence , it is not advisable to start the new pack immediately but to start it on day 2 of your next menses.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards

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Patient: Thank you for your answer,
I did not actually take the plan B pill, sorry I didn’t make that clear in my question. Should I still menstruate then?

Doctor: Hello.
thanks for the follow up.
well if you have not taken the ipill but have taken two oc pills the next day then continued with your pack ,then you should get your periods in the last week while your 21 day pill pack is over. So you may wait for your menses to start.


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