Missed pill twice am I still protected

Patient: I am on the pill and I have missed taking it twice however I took it the next day as well as the one for that day. Me and my husband had intercourse on both of those days. My period is irregular and have taken a pregnancy test and both came up negative. It has only been a week and I’ve missed the dark blue pill and the light blue pill. Am I still protected from pregnancy or no?

Symptoms: Irregular period, nausea, light headed, and fatigue

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to ATD.I understand your concern.Birth control pills are expected to give protection when they are ta ken as per the schedule.If you miss two active pills i. e. one light blue and one dark blue, you have to take two pills in the next days respectively, which you have done.But after missing two active pills in a row, for next seven days you have to use some backup method like barrier contraception etc.So, if you do not get withdrawal bleeding even one week after completion of active pills, repeat urine pregnancy test or you can go for urine pregnancy test after three weeks of last intercourse to get accurate result.Take care.