Missed pills and Unprotected Sex

Patient: I missed day 1 and 2 of my birth control pack and had sex on day 3. The condom fell off but we realized it and put another one on before he ejaculated. A week later, I started to wipe light pink blood for about 3 days when I went to the bathroom. Is there a chance I’m pregnant?

Doctor: It will be too early to detect pregnancy now. With the circumstances you described, the chances of conceiving are really slim (presuming that you are still on the pill and taking it on the SAME TIME everyday). Intermenstrual bleeding or spotting (bleeding in between periods) is a common side effect of birth control pills. Other causes of spotting could be trauma, infections, etc. You may want to observe this for now; if additional symptoms appear then you should have yourself checked by a doctor. If you will miss your period after this cycle of birth control pills then you may do a home pregnancy test. The best time to do this is 5-6 weeks after last menstrual period aka Day 1 of previous period; better do it in the morning because the urine has the highest amount of detectable hormones during that time of day. I hope this helps and please practice safe sex always.