Missing Birth Control Pill For 1 week

Patient: I am supposed to be starting my new pack of birth control pills tomorrow March 1, but unfortunately will not be able to get a hold of a pack for another week, making it March 7. I was wondering if there would be any withdrawal to being off the pill for an extra week, and how long after starting the pill on March 7th, would it take for it to be effective ?

Doctor: You may start taking the birth control pills during any time of the cycle. However, if you are going to start the pill i mmediately or within 5 days of the start of your cycle you may not require extra protection, but in case that you start the pill at all other days of your cycle, you would need to use an additional method (condom) for maximum protection. As it will be more than 5 days for you before the next set of pills, it is recommended that you take some kind of additional precaution for atleast the first 7 active pills in order to be safe. You will definitely have a regular withdrawal bleed, which should not be of much concern. I hope this helps, take care.