Mistaking the Wrong Birth Control pill/week

Patient: Without thinking, I thought yesterday was Thursday and I skipped the last pill, of the first week of my birth control pack and started on the second week. I then thought today was Friday and continued with the second week until I realized I had skipped my Wednesday pill. What is the best way to correct my mistake?

Symptoms: No symptoms

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If you are using the birth control pills pack with 21 active pills containing gonadal hormones with the same dosage in all pills, taking the pill of one day on another day may not lead to much problem.The main thing here is you have to use one active pill per day at the same time every day for 21 days to get complete protection for the month. So, now you can continue one pill per day till the completion of the pack.If you are using a pack with different dosage of hormones like triphasic pills, altering the pills can affect your hormone levels and contraceptive efficacy.In that case along with continuing the present schedule, you have to useadditional method of contraception like barrier method for one week, after one week you can continue with your pills as usual.Hope this helps.Take care.