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Mixed results about pregnancy in the same cycle.

Patient: I’m trying to get pregnant. I started peeing on the ovulation tests and it was negative at first and last Monday it started being positive and its been six days now and im still getting positive could I be pregnant?




Symptoms: Gas…boobs feel bigger…sore nipples sometimes…tired

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Ovulation kit detects the LH surge.Usually ovulation occur s around 24 to 36 hours after LH surge.It may take around two days for LH levels to come down.Ovulation kit can give positive results during all these days.May be because of that you noticed positive ovulation test results for around 6 days.If you had unprotected intercourse around these fertile days, there is possibility of pregnancy.But ovulation kit will not detect the possibility of pregnancy.To detect pregnancy, go for urine pregnancy test one week after crossing your expected date of periods.Take care.


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