Mmr shot in pregnancy affect on fetus

Patient: I received the mmr shot and took the after pill I did’nt know I was pregnant how will it affect the fetus?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella) is not generally administered to women who are preg nant or expecting to be pregnant or even going to try for a pregnancy during the next four weeks. Generally the health practitioner cautions the woman of the theoretical risks it would have on the fetus if they are pregnant and counsel them to take precautions to avoid pregnancy atleast for a month to 3months after the vaccine shot. This is because the MMR being a live vaccine in mild form and has an incubation period of 14-21 days.Since you did not know that you were pregnant and have already taken the shot don’t worry because the potential risks of the vaccine to the fetus are only theoretical and have not been proved. Rubella vaccine in early weeks of pregnancy i.e. even before you knew that you were carrying a child, the risk for birth defects to the fetus are minimal. Since you have not mentioned what is the gestational age of the pregnancy I presume you are in the very early stage and advise you to go for a detailed ultrasound scan of the baby around 18 weeks of pregnancy to assure that the baby is safe. The morning after pill will not cause any harm to the fetus.Hope that answers your query.Good luck for your pregnancy.

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Patient: I received the shot at 3 weeks pregnant but my question was answered thank you Im more at peace. 😀