October 16, 2018

MMR vaccine and Pregnancy

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Patient: Hi, My husband and I just got married and are trying to conceive. I recently went to my doctor and she ran pre-pregnancy tests for me, including thyroid (normal) and measuring if I have immunity to MMR. I had 2 MMR vaccines as a child, one at 18 months (1977) and one at age 13 (1989). My test came back 0.70, which is below the immunity line of 1.10. My doctor said if I’m not pregnant this month, to come in and get the vaccine and then I have to wait 2 months to ttc again.My worries are:a) I am 39 years old and don’t have 2 months to wasteb) that the live vaccine will affect my chances to conceivec) or affect the health of the future babyd) if I wait and get another MMR after I give birth, can I pass the virus through breast milk?None of my mom friends were even tested for MMR immunity while ttc and think it is crazy to wait for 2 months or risk passing the virus to a baby. Please help.

Symptoms: MEASLES VIRUS IGG, SER, QN = 0.70



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at ATD.MMR is a live vaccine and it is contra indicated in early pregnancies or in woma n who are trying to conceive as it can cause potential loss of embryo leading to miscarriage or cause changes in quality of embryo causing abnormal fetal malformations.Hence, it must not be taken at pregnancy.However, it can be taken at lactation as the transmission of the vaccine virus although can happen through breast milk will not harm the baby in growth or development. However, remember that MMR Viruses can cause miscarriages, hence you can take the immunisation and try to conceive again after a few months of time.Hope this helped.Regards

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