Moderate alcohol impact on Liver Function Test results?

Patient: Hi, I drink alcohol once a week about 180-240 ml of whiskey. When I performed a Liver function test as part of comprehensive health check, my ALT came out to be 42 U/L and 46 U/L on two consecutive years, while the normal is Upto 40 U/L. Does this higher values have anything to do with my alcohol intake?

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Yes, your liver enzymes are raised which requires evaluation of the cause.Most pr obably they are because of liver dysfunction.Most common causes of such liver derangements are Alcohol, Viral hepatitis, Drugs.I would advise you to get following investigations done:1. HBsAg for Hepatitis B.2. Anti-HCV Antibody for Hepatitis C.3. Ultrasound Abdomen.You should stop alcohol consumption.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy