Mold poisoning

Patient: Questionis there anything you can reccomend to assist in a mold detox or should I try something elseAlso how long should the detox take in terms of days weeksmonthsor yearsFollowing is a list of supplements I am currently takingand some other actions as welll Afalfa for mood changes2 Fenugreek for lung function3 Burdock Root4 Dandelion Root5 Garlic Cholesterol6 Milk Thistle For Liver7 Grape Seed Complex For getting through Brain Blood Barrier8 Ocutone For eyes9 Multi Probiotic 400010 Omega 3 Krill Oil Cholesterol11 Chlorofresh cleansing agent12 Triple Chlorophyll cleansing agent13 Green Tea Drops Helps with keeping things flowing14 Ultra Man Daily multi vitamin15 Fruit Veggy Juice Plus Extra VitaminsMost are taken 4 times daily some are just 2 times They do seem to be helping thoughI also take a detox bath 4 times a weekI get in tub start filling with hot waterStart off slowly and get it as hot as I can take it comfortablyAs tub is filling I add 1 cup epsom saltshalf cup sea salts1 teaspoon ground gingerand quarter cup baking sodaI soak in this for about 30 minutes before I get inI also have a cup of hot ground ginger tea prior to getting in the tubThis seems to simulate a fever and help sweat out anything in me while soaking and after getting outIt does physically drain you as well.