Mononucleosis throat

Patient: Throat picture with halogen lighting, sorry my teeth are yellow but coffee was my first activity.

Symptoms: Swore throat, inflamation and swelling

Mononucleosis throat-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your throat does appear to inflamed but without a specific test for infectious mononucleosi s we would be unable to tell if you have this. Infectious mononucleosis will also present with fever, lethargy and body aches. Furthermore, you can have enlargement of the spleen which can be at risk of rupturing, leading to internal bleeding. It is for this reason, persons with infectious mononucleosis are advised to refrain form impact sports or strenuous activity as this can lead to rupture of the spleen.It is likely that you may have bacterial pharyngitis which is caused by common bacteria such as streptococcus. Please have your doctor examine your throat and take a swabbing sample to be tested for the causative infectious agent of your sore throat. You will likely be prescribed an appropriate antibiotic, if necessary, to clear this infection.Thank you for consulting