More information about birth control

Patient: Hello im 19 years old, I would like to know more information about birth control.

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.There are many types of birth control methods.Temporary and permanent methods.The most co mmonly used are the temporary reversible methods which include condoms, diaphragms for women, birth control pills which are hormonal, intrauterine devices (hormonal and non-hormonal), implants and vaginal rings.The ideal one for you can be birth control pills which also serve in regularizing the cycles and maintaining normal blood flow during menses, Intrauterine devices provided you do not have a pelvic infection or heavy abnormal pattern of cycles, implants and vaginal rings are also suitable. Condoms for your partner can be used, diaphragms are also an option, but they have a high failure rate of 15 to 20 %, hence not recommended.Every contraception method has a failure rate. Before choosing the right type, you will have to consult a gynecologist, get an examination done and the doctor will suggest the best method.Hope this helpedRegards