More tired then normal back pain

Patient: Could i be pregnent i have just stoped my birth control shot a few months ago i am feeling more tired then normal can you still bleed in ur first trimester

Symptoms: More tired then normal, hurts when i push my stomic just alittle

Doctor: Hello,If you are off depot shot few months back already and have not resumed your menses yet or have missed menses i n this month, then it is always better to rule out pregnancy with a simple urine pregnancy test . If its negative then chances are that what you are experiencing is a part of premenstrual syndrome and indicate that your menses would ensue in a week.It is not possible for you to bleed if you are already pregnant unless you are undergoing an abortion or have a threatened abortion bleed during pregnancy. So , in either case, pregnancy has to be ruled out before any further decision can be taken pertaining to your symptomatology.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards