Morning sickness from birth control

Patient: I am 18 and I take Quasense birth control, I have been taking it for almost 5 months now. I take it because my period cramps and sickness I get is really bad and this was supposed to help regulate it. The first three months I was on it I didn’t feel good very often and I had a period for 8 weeks straight. Now that I have started my next package (packages have three months in them) it has been better except for the fact that sometimes I feel very nauseous in the morning. I don’t actually ever puke but I get really over heated and I feel sick to my stomach and like I am going to pass out for the next hour to 3 hours that morning. All summer I have been taking it around 12 at night because that is a consistent time I can take it. This works fine unless I get up earlier than 9. Why is this? Should I take it at an earlier time at night? I Have to get up at 6:30 everyday for school so I need to figure out sometime to work quick so I don’t miss any more school for being sick! Is the birth contorl not working for me well or is there a better time to take it? Please help!

Symptoms: Nauseous, hot flashes, faint feeling

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Morning sickness caused by the birth control pills is because of the hormone like contents in them. They contain estrogen & progesterone like hormones which are synthesized naturally in the body. It is advisable that you take the pill just before or during the meal to overcome this side-effect , such that the pill is not too harsh on you & also this could lead to dilution of the drug. If the symptoms do not subside it is better to consult your doctor such that the pill can be changed to a one more comfortable & suitable to you. Different pills have different side-effects & each individual’s response to a particular pill generally varies.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.