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Mouth ulcers indicative of STIs?

Patient: My partner has had a little lump on the inside of his lip that looks like a wart or olsar for a couple of years now, what could it be? i was told it may be due to oral sex is this true?


Doctor: There are several causes of mouth ulcers and though it could be caused by a sexually transmitted infection, other causes may need to be investigated too. Mouth ulcers can be caused due to :i) Trauma : accidental biting, hot drinks, trauma from a toothbrush, may injure the mucosal lining of the mouth resulting in an ulcer.ii) Infection : Viral, fungal and bacterial processes can lead to oral ulceration. Herpes simplex, syphilis, and opportunistic infection by aerobic streptococi, Neisseria, Actinomyces, spirochetes, and Bacteroides species may cause oral ulcers.iii) Decreased immunity : HIV, chemothrapy and mononucleosis are all causes of immunodeficiency with which oral ulcers become a common manifestation.iv) Allergy and dietary deficiency of vitamin C.v) Smoking cessation.The treatment options usually depend on treating the underlying cause. Oral anesthetics, antibiotics and corticosteroid creams are helpful in treating infected ulcers.


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