Patient: Hi,in around about the past year I have started experiencing prolonged sinus problem which I assume is due to seosonal changes but I am now 25 and never had any problems before this, worst of it sometimes is the itching, the back of my hands get really really bad, I have contemplated chopping them off! What can I do to ease the ithcy ness if anything and can I just see my gp to get tests done?

Symptoms: Lots and lots of sneezing and runny or blocked nose, and itching, hands feet and under my chin line sometimes developing a rash when scratched to much

Doctor: Hi, it seems that you have allergic rhinitis which is need to see a GP to evaluate and he can prescribe y ou antialergic and antihistaminic medicines along with symptomatic medicinesyou can ask for CBC, and eosinophilic count.Hope this will help, regards