Patient: Around 9 weeks ago i had a massage which went over the boundaries and the woman performed protected oral on me.i noticed right away a small crusted dry skin on the side of the penis I had 2 hiv blood test a week and then 6 weeks. On the 49th day i ordered a HIV Antibody test with HIV DNA and Syphilis test ,Herpes Gonorrhea. All came back negative besides the Herpes simplex 1(igg2.59) along time ago i had a cold sore . I did notice a light red circle on the top of my penis which was cured with cortisone my dermatologist said its probably psoriasis. I have been noticing some lesions light pink some pimples red and have gotten tiny red dots from the folicals of my hair on my lower part of my feet but not on my soles of my feet or hands as suggested from syphilis. do i need to retake the blood test at 90 days ? is there any reason to worry? i do have other autoimmune diseases such as possible ra , antibodies for gluten, krohns